What pole is best for you?

Summer Pole Guide

Aluminum vs Carbon Fiber

The two main types of construction in pole shafts are heat-treated Aluminum and Carbon Fiber. Aluminum shafts are lightweight, durable and economical, while Carbon Fiber shafts are featherweight, stiff, and come at a higher price. Both materials provide a stable shaft, so the decision usually comes down to weight. If you want to minimize weight at any cost, carbon is the best option, but aluminum is ideal if durability and price are your main concerns.

Fixed Length vs Adjustable

Fixed-length poles are made from a single piece of material which results in a stiffer and slightly lighter pole. Fixed-length poles are ideal if you know exactly what size you want and you don’t adjust your poles for changing terrain. Adjustable poles are perfect for those who want to modify the pole length for varied terrain. They can be shortened for steep climbs to increase propulsion or lengthened for descents to provide more stability. Additionally, adjustable poles work well for pitching tents that are designed to incorporate trekking poles.

Folding vs Collapsible

In our Trekking, Cross Trail, and Nordic Walking categories, we offer both foldable and collapsible options. Traditional “collapsible” poles have levers that allow them to be shortened, like a telescope, to be easily carried on the outside of your backpack when not in use. Folding poles fold into three or more sections, which allow them to be stored inside a backpack or placed in checked bags when traveling on your next destination adventure. Folding poles have smaller footprint but have additional technology, which comes at a higher price point.

Three Season vs Four Season

If you plan to use your poles from spring through fall, most of the poles in our line will work just fine. However, if you plan to use them once the snow arrives, you'll appreciate a Four-Season pole with interchangeable baskets. These baskets will allow you to switch out a trekking basket for a snowflake basket, preventing the pole tip from sinking deep into snow or ice. Keeping the pole tip near the surface provides stability and significantly reduces the risk of pole breakage in winter conditions. If you want a year-round trekking pole, we recommend the SHERPA series. If you plan to trail run in the snow, we recommend the Ultra Trail FX.One with the Winter Trail Running conversion kit.

Grip and strap Options

LEKI is at the forefront of innovation and firmly believes that one grip does not fit all. That's why LEKI offers a wide range of grip and strap options to cater to individual preferences. For instance, our Spartan grip, featured on the NEO TRAIL PRO running poles, is designed for minimalism and speed, making it perfect for race day performance. On the other hand, the Aergon Air grip from our Trekking collection is meticulously engineered for superior comfort and peak performance during long days on the trail. Whether it's the unique Trail Shark grip system on our premier trail running poles or the Nordic Shark available on our walking poles, LEKI has meticulously merged high performance and comfort. Additionally, we take pride in offering smaller grips in our women's products to specifically cater to the smaller size of female hands. By providing a blend of traditional straps and cutting-edge technology like our Shark grips, we believe that we have the best pole in the world for everybody.



Trekking/Hiking poles are designed with durability and comfort in mind. Whether you are out for a day hike or Thru-Hiking the Appalachian Trail, our trekking poles are a great choice if you want stability, ergonomic comfort, and performance for years to come.

Trail Running

If you are planning to run on the trail, LEKI trail running poles are the ultimate companion. Used by the world’s top runners, like Courtney Dauwaler, LEKI trail running poles are featherweight and have innovative grip systems not found on any other poles in the world. LEKI is the only global brand that has created a collection of poles exclusively for Trail Running. If you want to get to your destination faster and feel fresher than ever, these poles are made for you.

Cross Trail

Are you looking for a Hybrid pole that can be used for Trail Running and hiking with pace? If so, the Cross Trail collection from LEKI is the one-pole quiver. Cross Trail poles are lightweight and durable and feature the Cross Shark grip, which perfectly marries the ergonomic shape found on our trekking poles with the sleek and efficient Trail Shark grip found on thoroughbred running poles. Where speed and comfort live in perfect harmony.

Nordic Walking

If you spend most of your time walking on urban trails or in the concrete jungle, look no further than the Nordic Walking poles from LEKI. Nordic Walking poles enhance stability and fitness, as the use of muscles in the upper body helps burn more calories than walking alone. Improve your fitness and stability at the same time!

Single Staff

For those needing a little extra stability, LEKI offers a wide range of single-staff poles. These single poles provide additional support whether you are exploring the trails or spending the day visiting a museum or two.