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Our Alpine ski poles blend comfort, performance, and dependability. LEKI has been making ski poles for more than 50 years, and the brand name is synonymous with unrivaled craftsmanship and durability. Our Alpine pole collection offers something for all skiers enjoying lift-serviced mountain access. The Alpine collection from LEKI includes poles constructed from various materials ranging from light and durable aluminum shafts to featherweight carbon fiber construction. In the Alpine collection, you will find grips ranging from those with traditional loop straps to the innovative and patented Trigger System, which allows the user to have a seamless interface between the gloves and the grip. While the selection of Alpine poles is nearly endless, you can be assured that every pair is designed to provide optimal performance, comfort, and dependability for years of enjoyment on the slopes.

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Grip:Trigger 3D ProG
Shaft material:Aluminum (HTS 6.5 | Carbon (CC 600)
Grip:Trigger S SL
Shaft material:Aluminum (HTS 5.5)
Grip:Turbo Sport
Shaft material:Aluminum (TS 4.5)