Pole Length Advisor

Whether it's Alpine Skiing, Cross-Country skiing, Trail Running, Hiking/Trekking, or Nordic Walking, finding the ideal pole length helps to ensure that you can fully realize all the benefits of their use. The pole should support your technique, reduce potential falls, and enable an optimal transfer of power. These benefits are best achieved when poles are correctly sized – and this can vary a great deal according to the type of sport. This is why LEKI has a pole length aid for calculating the ideal pole length. It determines the optimal length for the respective sport in combination with the body size. Many hiking/trekking and backcountry ski poles are adjustable so for those you simply need to make sure your ideal pole size falls within the adjustment range for that particular model.

Step 1: Activity

Which activity are you participating in?

Step 2: Your height

What is your height?

You can adjust Vario-Poles to the exact length.