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Whether you're a beginner or a professional athlete, tackling a black run or a blue slope - with LEKI ski poles you're ready for anything on the slopes, and you can relax as you steer through the snow. Together with our ski gloves, we offer you maximum comfort, perfect control and the highest level of safety so that you can enjoy your day of skiing to the full. Choose between different grip systems, fits, warmth levels and the best technologies on the market. New to the LEKI ski poles: the Trigger 3D. After 2,200 hours of prototyping, 10,000 test releases and endless tests carried out by athletes in the snow, the perfect result has been achieved. The Trigger 3D will impress you with greater control thanks to a direct connection between glove and pole,

improved convenience through quick click-in and click-out, plus additional safety through the unique 3D trigger. achieved. Safety plays a decisive role in skiing - whether you're racing or simply enjoy skiing as a hobby. The release range of the current Trigger S System, which still holds an outstanding position in the ski pole sector today, has been extended by a factor of 4. A lot of detailed work has also gone into the ergonomic design of the grip area, which is crucial for controlled pole use, good grip and easy handling of the pole. With the Trigger 3D, we have successfully improved the shape of the grip contact surfaces and optimised the ergonomics. The result is a pole that handles perfectly and offers direct feedback to the user.