Product Care

How do I keep my gloves in good condition?

With the right care, a glove's durability can be significantly prolonged. We recommend impregnating the ski gloves before use so that they are better able to repel dirt, and regularly treating the leather parts utilizing standard leather care methods. This keeps the leather supple for longer and can reduce cracks and wear. 

We also recommend that you always air the gloves well, do not store them away when they are damp or wet, and that you regularly wipe off grime with a damp cloth. If necessary, you can also give them a light hand-washing in lukewarm water with a low dose of mild detergent. Please do not use a heavy-duty detergent. The gloves should then be only lightly wrung out and dried at room temperature. Drying in the dryer, on the heater or with a hairdryer makes the fabric, especially leather, stiff and brittle. Laminations can be damaged in this way. After drying, we again recommend treating the textile parts with standard impregnation spray and leather parts with standard leather balm.

How do I keep my telescoping poles in good condition?

If you inspect them every now and then, LEKI Telescoping Poles will remain a reliable part of your gear for many years. If you need to wipe them off, you should only do so with a dry cloth. Please do not use any lubricants, oils or fats. The parts with wear should be replaced every so often depending on their condition.

After a tour, we recommend pulling the pole apart into separate segments and letting them dry. This way a layer of oxidation won't form on the inside of the tubes. Once they are put together again, your LEKI Telescope Poles are ready to use again.


How do I keep my folding poles in good condition?

If you follow our care instructions, your LEKI Folding Poles will remain a reliable part of your gear for many years. Should the poles ever get moist or wet, extend the folding poles after use and set them (in the case of Vario folding poles) at the maximum length. Dry the entire pole with a dry cloth. The folding pole should be folded and stored in a dry environment. It is imperative that you prevent dirt, dust and other grime from getting inside the individual segments; this can impair their function as you unfold, fold, and use the poles, and damages their segments.  


Which parts can be exchanged?

 All accessories and worn parts can be replaced with LEKI products (handles, loops, discs, tips). However, we only recommend replacing the basket with integrated threading yourself. In the case of glued tips or handles, please contact your trusted LEKI specialist dealer. 


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